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David Whetsell Thanks You for Your Support

David Whetsell would like to thank all of the people for their support of his campaign for Senate Seat 23 as a candidate of the Constitution Party.

Three Different Plans to Equalize our State's K-12 Spending

One. The S.C. School Board Association's plan backed by Republicans, State Chamber of Commerce and Policy Council: This would establish a statewide tax rate on all existing tax-eligible property, yet leave counties with the ability to levy additional school taxes. Under the plan, every public school student in the state would be guaranteed at least the same basic weighted unit amount each school year - $5,295 - no matter what school district or what county they lived in. A rural district with fewer resources, such as Allendale, would get the same amount of money per student as a wealthy district, such as Greenville. The 100 mil tax assessment per district would be expected to generate $1.2 billion for school students off of the $13 billion of property statewide that is eligible for taxation under all existing laws, but would have to do away with Act 388, the over 65 homestead exemption and the first $100,000 dollar exemption. The school boards plan would give commercial property owners a break, as well as breaks on automobiles, boats and second homes. It would be a massive increase on primary homeowners to make up the difference. This would again increase the risk of homeowners losing their homes just because they could not afford to pay their property taxes. If adopted, lawmakers would have to provide about a $947 million tax increase annually.

Two. The Democrats, backed by all the School Districts, is quite simple. This would remove about $1.2 billion in sales tax exemptions. If adopted, lawmakers would have to provide about a $1.2 billion tax increase annually.

Three. David Whetsell of has a plan to equalize the State's K-12 spending in development. If adopted, lawmakers would have to pass a law to remove all sales tax exemptions, repeal all property taxes, close down all tax assessors' offices, and increase the deed stamps to pay off bond indebtedness. This would be a tax SWAP. Then all businesses, not just Boeing, would not pay property taxes. Think of all the new businesses that would want to come into the State. They would want to stay, and not move out when their tax exemptions expired. I think a lot of new businesses would want to open up in South Carolina with this plan. There would be NO TAX INCREASE with my plan, and everyone would benefit.

Proposal to Remove ALL Property Taxes

We need a Bill to remove all SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS. We take these funds, plus state paid funds for tax relief, and add $30.00 per thousand to the deed stamps. These would totally offset ALL Property Taxes (all houses, all businesses and all other property that is taxed). This would be TOTAL FREEDOM where the government can not take your property because you can not afford to pay the taxes. The deed stamp increase would be to keep newcomers from reaping the benefits of no taxes, it would be like an impact fee to pay off the bonds and pay for new construction. IT WOULD BE A TAX SWAP not a tax increase. They can only spend what they collect. We could also put caps on sales tax increases and part of the funds are used for Capital investments.

David Whetsell


If we put a cap on the 6 cents of sales tax it would control spending. Only increase spending if collections increase.

$4,358,000,000   Total property taxes collected (schools, counties and cities). All figures are rounded off.
- $2,754,000,000   Sales tax exemptions
- $925,000,000   Tier 1,2 & 3 state reimbursement (Act 388, 1994 $100,000 relief & over 65 relief)
- $50,000,000   By shutting down all assessors' offices state-wide
- $629,000,000   Deed stamp collections (about $30.00 per thousand)
ZERO PROPERTY TAXES Complete freedom from government confiscation of our property with no tax increase, just a swap.

What You Can Do to Help!!!

Join today.
Please make a donation of $10, $50, $100 or more so we can contact more people to join us in the fight to save our homes. We have to let them know you support the elimination of all property taxes, real and personal, on homes. We want to spread the word and build membership as a grassroots organization to pressure the legislators to eliminate all property taxes. With every $10 given we will send you a STOPTAX bumper sticker. No one in STOPTAX makes any money as all of it is spent on getting the word out.

You can donate by sending a check to:
         P.O. Box 84102
         Lexington, SC  29073

We need your support! Email us at or contact us by phone to find out how you can help.

Spokesperson: David R. Whetsell
Phone: (803) 957-8694

Media Liaison: Timothy Moultrie
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